The Three Finger Pinch:

The Three Rules of Salting

  1. Cook with unsalted, whole foods whenever possible. Put yourself in the driver’s seat so that you can do the salting, not some food chemist. Let your mouth decide when, where, and how much to salt. Salted butter is meh. Unsalted butter with fleur de sel is miraculous.

  2. Use craft salt, and only craft salt, every day. It will cost you a few pennies more  per person, but you’ll be cooking like a king. Throw away your kosher salt, iodized table salt, and cheap sea salt. Salt brings pleasure. Your love is worth good salt.

  3. Skew your salting toward the end of preparation, and use finishing salts. Use less or no salt while cooking, leaving room at the end to sprinkle a finishing salt of choice. Salt is the most powerful, distinctive ingredient. The right salt at the right time will celebrate your food like nothing else.

- From Mark Bitterman's Craft Salt Cooking

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