Pure sea salt from Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Sel artisanal fait sur Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Salt Spring Island Sea Salt is made with the finest hand-harvested fleur de sel crystals and infused with locally sourced ingredients.

You will see, taste and appreciate the difference.

Salt Spring Sea Salt is a labour of love. We created the gourmet salt by pairing a French culinary tradition with a natural West Coast resource, perfected the process with a dash of ingenuity, and added a savoury twist.

We invite you to taste the difference. Sprinkle fleur de sel crystals on top of your food just before serving. You will be amazed how it will enhance the flavours and turn an ordinary meal into a culinary experience.

From our sea salt kitchen to your table, we wish you bon appétit!


Philippe Marill & Carolyn Kvajic

Salt Spring sea salt in the news

"If it's one thing we love it's salt! Saltapalooza!! Some of the best salt we've ever had!" Food Network Canada, Chuck and Danny's Road Trip, Salt of the Earth Episode.

Celebrity Chefs, Chuck Hughes and Danny Smiles

"A truly world-class finishing salt! The texture and flavour add a very special dimension to any dish. Whether the smoked, rosemary-garlic or my favourite, blackberry fleur de sel, that little bit of extra flavour sets it apart from all other salts."

Executive Chef Fairmont Empress, Chef de Cuisine and Bocuse d’or laureate, team Canada Chef Dubai world hospitality championship, Morgan Wilson

"Beautifully flavoured & designed to perfectly compliment our wonderful local produce."

Eat Magazine

"Philippe Marill has mastered a delicate and time-honoured process that's long been the strict domain of the French: making fleur de sel."

Mercedes Benz Magazine, Best of 2016

"Clean taste, crisp crystal flakes and a great way to finish a dish."

Chef and Author, Bill Jones

"Blackberry fleur de sel is gone! The flavour really shines through."

Food Critic, Don Genova

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