Pure sea salt from Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Sel artisanal fait sur Salt Spring Island, British Columbia


It was the pairing of a French culinary tradition with a natural West Coast resource. Along with a dash of ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit – that created Salt Spring Sea Salt. Established in 2014, the Canadian company is based on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. Undoubtedly is garnering international recognition for its pure, handcrafted fleur de sel.

Owners Philippe Marill and Carolyn Kvajic, a husband and wife team, introduced the gourmet finishing salt at the island’s popular Saturday market. In just a few years, online sales have grown exponentially. Salt Spring Sea Salt is now available in retail shops in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, the Yukon, and the United States. As such, the gift market has become a major source of sales.

Rave reviews

Salt Spring Sea Salt is getting noticed for many reasons, from the purity of the product and process, to the exceptional taste. As a result, it can turn an ordinary meal into a culinary experience. It is catching the attention of foodies, celebrity chefs, even the Royal family! Salt Spring Sea Salt had the honor of serving it to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their recent visit to Canada.

Salt Spring Sea Salt was also showcased on Chuck & Danny’s Road Trip to Salt Spring Island. The episode entitled “Salt of the Earth” has aired on Food Network Canada and Netflix in the U.S., and continues to boost national and international awareness and sales.

our mission

We are passionate about producing a gourmet finishing salt that rivals the very best French sea salt. All the while providing our customers with exceptional service and a great culinary experience. Also we are equally committed to protecting and preserving the environment. At this time plans are in the works to innovate our production protocol so that our byproduct is fresh water!

Philip Blackberry